St Magnus Way Pilgrimage

Last week Bishop Anne Dyer led a pilgrimage along the St Magnus Way

A core group of seven pilgrims were joined by others on some days. The morning started with devotions at the starting point of the walk for that day. As well as lots of conversation while walking there was also plenty of time to contemplate the theme of that section, be it Peace, Loss or Forgiveness etc. Bishop Anne was also asked to bless the loo at Fursbreck Pottery as it has been refurbished and themed on the St Magnus Way and is available to those walking the route. On the last day the weary pilgrims were greeted by a crowd gathered at the Old St Olaf’s Church door and we all walked together to St Magnus Cathedral for a closing act of worship and very welcome refreshments.

[Photographs taken at the end of the pilgrimage can be seen here. Many thanks to Bryan Leslie for allowing these to be shared.]

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