Procession with relics of St Olaf

Our church is dedicated to St Olaf, who was King of Norway from 1015-1028 and died at the Battle of Stiklestad on 29th July, 1030.

During Lent last year (2020), the Orthodox Church in Norway made a four day procession with the relics of St Olaf. The first three days of the procession took place in Trondheim and included prayers at Nidaros Cathedral. which was built over St Olaf’s burial site. On the fourth day, the procession followed the pilgrimage route from Trondheim to Stiklestad and back. At each stage of the procession, prayers were said, asking God’s protection from the coronavirus pandemic.

This year, on 21st March, the Divine Liturgy was celebrated at the site of the church that was the original resting place of St Olaf’s relics. It was the first time in almost 1000 years that this event took place.

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