Fairtrade Breakfast

This beautifully sunny and frosty morning twelve of us, including friends from other churches in Orkneys, met on Zoom for a Fairtrade Breakfast to celebrate FT products near and far. Orkney Fairtrade Group motto “Buy Fair Buy Local” was truly followed as people had on their breakfast tables FT coffee and tea, FT breakfast juice,Continue reading “Fairtrade Breakfast”

Evening Service for Sunday 21st February

Sunday 21st is the UNESCO International Mother Language Day, This year’s observance is a call on policymakers, educators and teachers, parents and families to scale up their commitment to multilingual education, and inclusion in education to advance education recovery in the context of COVID-19. This effort also contributes to the United Nations International Decade of IndigenousContinue reading “Evening Service for Sunday 21st February”

Celtic Christianity

Over the last few weeks, our Fellowship group has been looking at themes of Celtic Spirituality. We’ve been using Michael Mitton’s book Restoring the Woven Cord – studying one chapter each week – and it’s certainly given us a lot to think about. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of Celtic Christianity and onContinue reading “Celtic Christianity”

A year to remember

On 30th January 2020, the World Health Organisation declared the Corona Virus outbreak as a global health emergency.  To mark the anniversary of this, members of St Olaf’s organised a Prayer Vigil and invited 12 churches, representing a variety of denominations and Orkney locations, to contribute. We were overwhelmed by the response and support.  ToContinue reading “A year to remember”