St Magnus Way

St Olaf’s members Pirjo and Stuart Little are trustees of the St Magnus Way and Stuart is currently its Chairperson.

The St Magnus Way is a 58 mile long pilgrimage walk opened in 2017 as part of the celebrations of the 900 years since the martyrdom of St Magnus, Orkney’s patron saint. The walk starts on the island of Egilsay but is mostly on Orkney Mainland. It is based on what is known of Magnus’ life, death and the subsequent building of a cathedral in his name following on from his canonisation in 1136. The shrine to St Magnus was a pilgrimage destination drawing pilgrims to Orkney for many years. The website and app give clear instructions on the way-marked route which is varied in its scenery and walking conditions. Some of the route is on paths and road but most is over open country and some sections need sturdy footwear. The website and app are full of photos and information on the story of St Magnus and the places along the way. For those wanting a reflective experience there are audio and written materials based on themes inspired by the life of Magnus such as peace, forgiveness and growth with questions to ponder as you walk.

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